Saturday, November 12, 2016

Long Distance Relationship or Long Term Disturbance

First of all life is not a Globalization 5.0 where you have no need to collocate with your team member. Your partner is technically nothing but your team member who supposed to work with you to solve the problems of life. You need to protect your core family from the greater family. You need to feed them. You need to do a lot many thing which you never thought of. And finally you must fall in love and make it fruitful by converting it to a long term relationship not a long distance one.

            In a long distance relationship always one side controls the others just like the proton and electron. Though they are not staying together but a neutral force neutron aka society keep him/her in an orbit. That’s where the problem arise. If there is any relationship between two opposite sex establish, there is always someone become stronger and someone get weaker. The stronger side always prone to break the relationship.
This is bullshit that mutual relationship keep the bond longer. If one party has nothing to do or not get any other better choice, then it stays. And the stronger party always eager to escape but bounded by something which can be anything.

A relationship start with a promise, “I will not leave you in any circumstances.” But when the ball rolls and both started depending on each other, one of the party leaves for the better future. And the promise got broken. So why do such promises which cannot be kept? Forgot about the “Agni Saakshi” ritual and other marriage kind of thing, when you wait for your partner in scorching heat, thunderstorm or trembling winter did you ever thought to leave her/him or just let them go. No, not at all. This is perfectly designed by the projection of job system. 
            What is the most important thing in your life? Your life. Isn’t it? If so then do you really want to waste a single bit of your youth being staying alone. I believe not. You know by seeing all the old people that they cannot do party like you. Though they have money but don’t have the knee to stand and shout like hell in a crowd of a music show.  You need to spend your youth doing everything you can. This is the best of time, this is the worst of time. It depends on how you are going to spend it.

You never know that when you lose control over your life. People find or chose their partner (Arranged people are not considered) carefully following the principal of cohesion or coupling. If your partner is not complimenting you positively or negatively, you are a perfect asshole. And only you do is shit. But thankfully most of the people do. They think that after marriage, things got change and the sweet relation became bitter day by day. But you know, if there is no fight, someone is compromising and this is the single most expensive word in a relationship.

            This compromise gets bigger when you are in a long distance relationship. You are nothing better than dog/bitch and you need sex. Don’t give me the bullshit of platonic love and blah blah. Those are good in books. Everyone needs sex in regular interval. Men needs softness and woman hardness. And what you are doing in a long distance relationship. Phone sex. What even that mean. Arousing with words and masturbate.  Oh come on that’s not the actual. It’s like the drinking milk without cream. This will really help to reduce stress but cannot bring happiness. “Happiness comes from within” do not work here. Because the WITHIN is already destroyed when you started counting the days of last having sex in your life.

       So is sex is the only thing which leads to breakup. No, not all. Our society brain wash the good people to live without this. But the bad people enjoys the meats from wherever they gets. But the good people put extra burden of work on them to recover from loneliness. And the burden of ExTRA work is always dangerous. You know the problem of extra work is? It slowly lose the “Extra” part. You get habituated with the extra work and your muscles find their way to do it energy efficiently. One day you will complete the extra work in your normal time and start demanding the extra work again. It is infectious and bad for your surroundings who are not in this long distance relationship.

                But still workaholic people survive better than the people who are fun loving and outgoing. Because once their partner is gone, the stop-cock gets popped out. They do not able to control. If they have love with alcohol or the burning of tobacco it fuels the urge of everything. In past they have to find a reason for consuming those, but now those become friend of them.

            Some relationship also generates doubt when they are in distance. No network, phone switch off, internet is down, power cut, slow bandwidth, unusual background noise all leads to think that my partner is with someone or they went back their ex for getting some consolation of loneliness. Lots of people do that. So there is no way to doubt on the partners doubt. It is obvious as trust generates and keep getting stronger with the bonding of the body and the sense organ.
            Your partner knows your smell even you are sweaty. They know how you will react when touched in neck. They know how you sound when you depressed. They know how what type of dress you like. Now all of a sudden most of the things are missing. So how you can expect they will trust you.

            It all leads you to a long term disturbance in your social and family life. And you should take the blame. Because there are several writing and stories of disturbed couple in the internet. You read, but ignored because you think you are special. No, you are not. In term of relationship you are part of human kind. Not human alien. You let him/her go. You didn’t stop or force her/him. You want the extra money to come to your family income. You want her/him to study more to do something in her life. You did it for the sake of her/his life and ignore yours. That’s a terrible mistake you did.

            There is no one important than you. If you consider it as love then you are fool. Love is to show the path while staying together. Togetherness is the only way to build a relationship. And there is simply nothing called long distance relationship. Its long term disturbance.  And to avoid, just fight. Fight like dog. Don’t let her/him go. Once you win the battle there is always weep, sob, grunting. Offer your shoulder to cry, accept that you destroyed his/her career, let him/her slap you and get rid of their anger. But ultimately no one cry or get angry for long term. Eventually everything cool down and they will find out a middle working relationship. That’s what you need. Go fight for that. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Navratri is over

Thanks Ma Durga. Finally it’s over. The Navratri is over. No, I am not happy that you are going. I am happy because now those hypocrite, half cooked people will stop staring at my dish full of meat. These nine days I was cursed by lot of people and sided by too many of them in lunch table. Oh no, not this year, every year, while I stay outside of Bengal.

  Few years before when I was new in Mumbai I asked about this to a guy who was staring at my dish just like I had his liver or kidney on my plate. Though he questioned me first, “You Bengali people are really not following the Hindu religion.” I didn’t answered that. But I questioned him, “Do you know what Navratri is your celebrating , BY NOT EATING NON VEG.” with a pure confidence he lifted his eyebrow and answered, “Don’t you really know there are only one Navratri which is celebrated this time of the year.” The Wikipedia page was not created then. So I stopped.  

            There are almost everywhere in India except Bengal, people celebrates this Sharadiya Navratri without knowing what this festival is actually mean. Even they do not know that this is not a one IDOL festival. This is 9 forms of Shakti (Not Durga). Some of the modern ENGLISH spitter answered me, “A festival to celebrate destruction of evil by good.” Same cheap description over and over and over again.

            All right, I am not defending my NON-VEG psychology. I even think vegetarian diet gives extra mileage to your life. But I like to be male Durga for this Nine days to kill these temporary vegetarian people who criticize them who are not same asshole as they are for those days. You follow in your way, I follow in my way. Who the hell you are to say that I am not following (though I am not following at all). That’s the best part of Hinduism, for that only reason I don’t want to drop my religion (Oh no!! Not changing mine. All are talking the same bullshit as other).

            Being a Bengali, Durga Puja (same time Shakti Aradhana of Navratri) is our biggest festival. Our Devi or Shakti kill the Mahisasur around the same time (though it’s Shree Ram’s technical celebration not the actual killing time of Mahisasur) when Ravan got killed by Him. But here she comes with his sons and daughters. Our fore fathers packaged the religious festival so sophistically that we get all festival together and can worship for anything at the same time with the same set of idols. Durga for power, Lakshmi for wealth, Sarasvati for education, Kartika for skill, Ganesh for wisdom, and Shiva for whatever you want. The biggest benefit is this is not a SERIOUS festival.

            Durga puja is a fun filled social gathering of everyone in the community. If you want to do puja -- she is standing right in PANDAL, if you want to dance --  DHAK is there to beat, if you want to fill your stomach --  all VEG – NON-VEG stalls are there, if you hate non veg - ASHTAMI LUCHI is there, if you like to fast -- you have few hours before every day PUSHPANJALI, if you want to use the vacation to see the country --  PUJA SPECIALS are there, if you are hard core non-veg and alcoholic -- then NAVAMI is there….. In short it’s the total entertainment package is there. Just what the Dharma means, “Bind Together.”

            But the same Durga divided the whole India between Bengali and Non-Bengali people. There is no Gujrathi, Marathi, Sindhi, or Tamil Navaratri. But there are Bengali Durga Puja. That’s shameful but what we can do. Our Durga puja is always classified by some bunch of religious assholes who even do not know why they are celebrating the 9 form of Shakti.

            Anyway that’s enough. I don’t want to make it lengthier. Just want to pass a message that it’s not at all a matter that what you are eating or wearing in front-of-God. It’s what you are doing is the matter to HIM/HER… Which alphabetized as KARMA. So don’t look at my dish or stop me to eat anything I like. It’s simply a bad KARMA which influence your next life as a pure non veg DOG.
Shubha Vijaya & happy Dussera.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Self-annihilation, if failed then killer instinct – that’s what loneliness serves. It might not involve flesh or blood, but it wallop the mind which make sense of your existence.

            As we become more advance in technology we became lonely day by day. We love skype, facetime, IM chat, video calling, texting and blah blah. Those really sounds blah blah to its meaning. A lonely man/woman is lonely because they failed to satisfy the three of their precious sense organ – ear, nose and skin.

            You may argue that the physically challenged people have the same problem. Yes they are. They definitely not able to satisfy some of their organs need. But they do not have the sense of those too. A blind guy has eyes in his ears. A deaf guy can see a movie with subtitle. But you cannot as you have everything intact but not able to use it. You are more paralyzed than them.

            You may start this journey and slowly get phased out by the serious strength of human being – THE Habit. You will be habituated to survive in loneliness. It will make you survive, not live. Living is different. It cheers your existence. It cries with your failure, dance on your success. A lonely room will just give you a YOU which you already be for your whole life.
            A creative person needs loneliness. That’s for true. Because creation needs concentration. And concentration needs lone ether without no crossroads of thinking. In time of creation you are on your own. But any creation has its start and end time. Even god takes rest. And that pause time you are considered as lonely. you need to gather the inspiration of next creation, need ink for your pen, need to sharpen your chisel , but in return you get a room full of your creation which is already a past.

            So there is no cover up for your lonely lifestyle. First it tries to kill you by let you forget the skill of Compromise or Adjust. The most ancient strength of homo-sapiens which develop the social skill and separate human from the animal. You will do everything for you, not for anyone else which leads you to live a very tiny life, just like the frog in the well. You will feel proud of arranging a life for you which you love. But the repeat flower will not blossom in your room. You will cry alone, laugh loudly, sleep alone and masturbate. But when in some point of time of your bread earning muscle movement where you need to compromise/adjust, you will fail miserably because the skill is not there or destroyed.  It will lead to an irrational irritation which stop you to act acceptable social drama.

            Slowly it sweep out your society from your head. You don’t want to give anything and without giving you are not going to get anything. You will feel anger for being cornered. But it’s not their fault. You didn’t allow them to enter in your life and they escaped. Life is like a Venn diagram and you ignored that. Now it’s time to take revenge from the society. Every person have some skill which people need as alms. They don’t want to buy. If you are social then the subconscious social mind will let you donate the skill for the sake of society. If you are lonely, you will be the boss of your subconscious as you have plenty of time to analyse yourself. You will not let anything go, without profit-loss calculation which leads to a social death and killing someone who need your help.

            If you go to a poor community you will hear lots of noise. People are sitting outside of their house. Clouds of people sitting in different places and gossiping. You will hear people laughing, giggling, shouting, cursing, doing all sort of human expression. Now go to the locality where wealth dripping from the beauty of the landscape. There you will get drops of serenity for a piece of time. Snap of time pass by and boredom will attack. Are those wealthy people lonely? Not at all. But yes they have a responsibility to generate wealth and that gives them less time to be actually lonely in their house.

            Lots of newlyweds are staying in two places these days for the reason of their jobs. They call it long distance relationship to glorify the system. But actually the system never worked. It is harmful to both. They looks towards the future and say “we shall overcome some day” but the future stays future for long time. And the male body deprived of the softness and the female body deprived of the hardness, go for temporary hiring of flesh. Society never accepts that, they never wanted to do that but the animal inside the suit want it to survive.

            When you are in certain age of determination of voyage to change the world you always want to “fuck the society”. But slowly after taking too much help from your surrounding you understand that you need to have a social life. You definitely need. A movie can give you temporary happiness, but the shared popcorn and the gossip before movie and dinner after, will give you a bonding. That what you need.

            Seriously, there is no good thing to stay alone. If you are forced to do for a span in your life let friends become your family.  Let them cut your flesh and sell. Let them enter to your deeper secret. Have drinks with the drunk, have puff with the smoker, and go party with the dancer. But do not stay in home if you are not tired. Those habits are better than staying alone and watching movie in a lonely room. Try, and try hard to break the distance between you and your family, if not then break the family and create new. Force them to come and stay with you. There is no shame to kill someone to save yourself. Don’t be gentleman in this fight. You have only one life to live and one youth to spend. Don’t make your career your bed partner. It will never bring you happiness. Go meet with people. They are the only source of happiness.

            And finally, if you still failed to get together, then leave the society and take sanyas only that will give you something meaningful and let you live.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beating Homemakers

It’s fun. Isn’t it. They are meant to be beaten, because they are slaves. They gave dowry to become slaves. So they are willing to be beaten by assholes. Well, technically it is impossible. Can you beat someone with your assholes? Surely not. But these X-men does it every single time when they wanted to do so. Because they think that the willing women will never leave them, as they don’t have any place to go.
            World is now enough feminist. But the feminism is temporary. And these guys understand that very well. The feminist groups come to help these helpless women and give a fish to survive, not teach them to fish. Family of this beaten women are also stand in a distance and talk about maintain peace. It is the easiest way for them to put blame on their daughter as a cause of the problem. They fear if they become the part of the conflict, then they have to accept the girl when she get rejected by her husband.

            Divorce is a scary thing. Even in 2016 it is dangerous. For everyone. Only a temporary solution of a permanent problem. Once a girl get beaten by their husband and ran for the help and get divorced, DRAMA starts. The girl became the open chest. The society blames the battered girl and the misogynist assholes gives a cruel grin.

            Do you think that it only happens in third world country? Not at all. First world country with full of immigrant has the same problem in many families too. Once the girl get married to their sweetheart and fly to their husband places, they get the status of house maids. They need to do everything what a maid need to while their husband earn money and spend in alcohol and women. It’s not for all. Definitely not. There are plenty of focused people who want to do the other thing and help their partners.

            Even there is 5.2 million stay-at-home women in United States who are citizen also has the same problem as others. Their problem is even bigger because the number of children and the infamous American love towards beer. They depends on the law and the 911, but when they appear they have to surrender to the financial inability to support the costly living in the states. They shut down themselves. Those who revolts, ends up with multiple broken marriages. Frequent job changers resumes most of the time not accepted due to the lack of demonstration of loyalty.

            Marriage is a free licence to crucify women. A marriage certificate is demanded everywhere to give several privileges of dependent. DEPENDENT the same status parents get when they become vegetable. But do these assholes beat them? No, they are parents. And for the God sake, she is your mother of your child.

            There is no brain in muscle. These moves by sending signals from the outside. These guys paralyze the brain by intoxication and bring their animal instinct back. They are physically sick and mentally ill people. God knows how they continue their jobs. I heard education makes people softer and humbler. But this action is widely present in educated white collar people.       

            These wild pigs knows that women can take this burden of beating like ants. Sometime they sting like ant but they never do an organized attack. Moreover, society helped these guys to celebrate the power of the muscles.

Some of them gives reason for these action. They put blame on the traffic, family tassel, trouble in job and blah blah. They says, “Please forgive me! I was not in my sense. There was too much pressure.” They hold their wife close, give a warmth of his eunuch chest and ask for pardon, and the melted women get ready for the next night laceration.

Enough of passive statements. This is just a friendly reminder from your same gender whose balls are still intact, “Get well soon.” Not me, but really someone will come to your door someday and knock to knock you hard. Crime always waits for punishment and beg the time to pass. If you do not understand whom you are beating just go to the labour room for once and see how your wife delivers your child? If you already have kid then impregnate your wife again and see it. That will clean your clouded leftover brain and let you live for rest of the life. You think you are physically stronger than them. Just cut that bullshit. You are living on their alms. Remember they have boon of creation. Anytime they can create or regenerate the fireball and your cigar will be buried in an ashtray. Not everyone have the luck of Phoenix, “Get well Soon”.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Don’t spread hate

Hate, a perfect word to feel, discuss and sale. It’s widely known that either you love people or hate them. But most of us ogle hatred only. We love to hate and politician and future makers utilize it and divert our linear thinking to hate someone. We also teach our kids to hate something. We teach them to hate something bad. But who decides, what is good or what is bad? Us! Who even diverted by the hate of masses.

Hate, can be used as a weapon, hate can be used as an armour; hate always have a reason and reasons are full of error. Ricky, 8 hates his mother Irina, 30 because she don’t buy Lego for him. Irina hate her life as she hate her pervert husband Sam, 32 who sleep with other woman and don’t buy a toy for their kid. Sam hate his boss as she force him to spend nights with her which eventually showcase him as pervert , but can’t leave the job as he has responsibility of a homemaker wife and a lovely kid.

            When I was a teenager, my dad brought a cigarette one time to me to generate hate against the bitter taste of the nicotine smoke. I coughed bitterly and started hating it, which brought a winning smile to my father’s face. Now I use the hate as armour and love the smoke taste to give my tensed nerve a bit relief. My wife hates my smoking habit and she use the hate as armour when we have fight. I even hate her for not making breakfast for me and hate the way she sleep while I struggle to find my things to be prepare for office.

            We all hate religious practices, but also hate people who left God aside. We hate Islamist radicals for killing people, and hate whole rational Muslim community. And Malala hate Taliban as they don’t let her read. Unfortunately, lots of student including me hate to study.

            Gautama Buddha hated violence and became Buddha. Buddhist hates Muslims and killing people in Burma. Jihadist hates Muslim killers and they killed millions of innocents (including many Muslims). Jesus struggled to death by roman. And pre dominated Roman Catholics are hated by Protestants.

            Moses left Egypt to save people from hate. And now Jews are killing Arabs in Israel spreading hate. The most peaceful Jerusalem is now a place to hate. Jews forgot the suffering from hate by nonsense Nazi holocaust and now become one of the symbols of hate.

            Hindus in India hate Islam as Islam hated Hindus in time before Akbar the Great. Now they kill Muslims in Riot and Mujaheed returns to take revenge in peaceful city of Mumbai. People of Kashmir, the heaven on earth hate to join to India and Pakistan hates to refuse the land which is never be the part of them.

            Religion changed its meaning. In Sanskrit (Dharma) it means which hold. In Latin (Religare) this means ‘to bind’. Now the meaning is ‘Which spreads Hatred’.

            Even in a religion free country United States of America, we see hatred sold in large. White people (which means nothing) hates Black (which also mean nothing) people, without any reason. Teenagers hate to remove the ear buds to hear parent’s advice as they are hearing black dominated music industry. Black hate white back and reason is they are oppressed till date even they have a black president and Lincoln died for them 150 years ago.

Americans hates Japanese car as they dominating the NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) market. But Sushi is biggest hit in America, more than Japan itself. Even the never ending hate of Korea and US never exist when a Korean Grocer sales Indian Okra to Caucasian customer. They all hate each other.

Americans hates immigrants as they taking away the jobs from them forgetting that no one is son of the soil on the land of opportunity. They are fighting against illegal immigration but hire illegal workers in meat industry as they are cheap.

            This is a never ending cycle of hate. We show hate when we need, we show love when we need. Smart people only wait, till you show something and they grab the opportunity to extract you. Rape of Nanking and Congo were the two big incidents where to demonstrate Victory, thousands of girls got raped. Japanese raped Chinese to spread fear. But they spread hates to humanity. Your action is your acceptance. You can scare people by your loud voice and inhuman action or you can dominate people by your love and hospitality. Hitler and Gandhi both were fighting for a cause. They dominate people, only the way was Different.

            So don’t hate, when you know it results nothing but casualty of human life. You know the small girl you bombed yesterday can able to paint Mona Lisa more beautiful than Vinci? Did you hear the melodious voice of the boy whom you beheaded only because he was non-Muslim? Did you ever read the story of the white beard of the old man who left unattended in the pit of death by you? No, you just follow orders. You follow orders from them who use your hate as weapon. So hate to “Hate”. Flowers have bees, fragrance can be venom and even green leave became dry someday. So stop spreading hate. See the better in everything. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself and if you sow a seed it will give shade to someone who will put a seed again. 

Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Dear rapists,

My Dear rapists,
It’s always excite me to think and write about your greatness. Your survival spirit is much bigger than the bamboo or grass. Our great history has few gems like you and you glitter the torn pages sometime with your presence. But these days, the recent past your footprints became clearer and shining like stars.      

History of the east is full of story of the dominating males (mainly kings and Ksatriyas) who took females in their possession as they were goods. Only difference between you and them is the gender of the enemy. They won the women’s heart and body by defeating other males in war. But you snatch them forcefully by defeating their carefully hidden priceless “Abru”. You are happy with that small thing. Just for few minute, half satisfaction total winning effigy. That’s fine, at least it’s free. You love to dip your beak no matter how many corn you pick.

World is moving forward. Society is moving too. But no one thinks to preserve the past. You step forward and took this heavy burden on your shoulder and here you go. The ancient terror is preserved beautifully. 

Your simplicity touches my heart. Visit, Eat and Escape. Don’t look back to the leftovers. Someone will definitely clean that. We have to live for others, not for us only. If you don’t do your jobs properly how come the police, lawyer, news media, self-defence coaching clubs will survive. And what will be the discussion point in tea table. India is thankful to you to place her in second runner up position. Your omnipresence glamorize your potential of destruction. You are now king of teenage girl’s heart. The almighty king of fear. 

I really feel pity for Mr Che Guevara that he didn’t meet any of you. Otherwise he should definitely learn some of your Guerrilla warfare technique and should not face the untimely death. All of sudden you come out of nowhere and get some fresh girls hymen and go back to the secure shelter of politician. That skill is mind blowing. You are the best weapon created by politics. Your little crackers much more effective than of the atom bomb. Sorry to mention about your cracker. But the single cracker and two small bomb will definitely stop the third world war. It’s just the preparation. From Nanking to Congo, Chechnya to Iraq you’re and your crackers were the mortars. You are the reason to start the revolutions. Where military force ends, your force starts and conquer the rest. 

I appreciate your team work. We cannot win alone. We should change the story of the one stick and multiple stick in the text book with your stories. A male is stronger than a female physically, but mentally they are weaker. Your team effort break that too. Dhananjay did that alone and died. You do it in groups and get settled in jail and continue your inspiring campaign from inside the jail like Bhagat Singh. I love the thought of your sharing mentality. The sweet meat of teenage girl you share without fighting. Your game should be the part of the HR game in IT sector.  Gang rape is a jaw breaking example of team building.

You also put a great effort of stopping westernization. If a dad oppose his kid’s miniskirt; she left home, but returned back when you teach proper lesson to her. Religion condemn her vigorously, but praises you. If flower doesn’t hide the pollen then butterfly will definitely come. You re-established the fact by sitting on the uncovered food as fly and vomit. Women empowerment is bullshit. Grasses also flowers though they are muddled under boot. To produce the beautiful flower the grass needs to be shaped regularly, otherwise they will grow like bamboo. What a thought. If Ganesh reincarnate, another Mahabharata will definitely would produce.

No one thought about the beautiful kid’s meat before you. Before it ripe and become sweeter make the pickle. Ripe mangoes used only as a fruit but from the dried mango you can do lo-o-o-o-t of things. Kids get chance to play first with you, the best game in the world. How lucky they are. Rather giving them worthless bookish sex education you teach it to them practically. Within few hour they became adult, just like magic. Actually you know, I think that’s very beneficial. Child age is really a burden of society. Fruitless investment. You solve the problem by selling them and there is no problem if it is a waste. Pouch pack, easy to burn. Optimization of resources.

You see all women equal. They may be ugly, untouchable, dirty, or rejected by others, you accept them wide heartedly.  You present your body extract to those who was completely dejected by other male eyes. Foul smelly dustbin dweller dirty girl also get pregnant because of you. People earn and donate, but you donate your precious body drops. What a great donor we have.

Male polygamy is medieval thought, female needs that too. You can torture female but cannot deprive them from their rights. You understand that fact firstly and helped them to get taste of many male; only for few minutes but you arranged. They gave blessing to you in their torn dress and bloody vagina. You made girls to lady and gave them taste of polygamy. You made their future. They break the social torturous rule and became the bread earner. They left the mud hut and smooch the Champaign in five star hotel. They beckon tourist, foreign money, GDP. Your little drops made them shelf sufficient. I salute the way you suppress and uplift the female society of the world.   

Oh great heart, great preacher of power, extreme misogynist, selfless, self-motivated, sleepless deity, then why this difference? Why charity is not beginning at home? Why your mother, your sister, your wife is not allowed to be part of it. Why your great movement do not start with them? Why they cry in silence to not be the part of this holy chariot? Why their soft skin is untouchable to your hardness? Why they are not getting taste of many male together? Why their child age become waste in babbling? Why your body drops not make your daughter pregnant and get your gene? Why this torture? I am requesting you on behalf of their crying heart. They are yours. Entirely yours. May be they are not good food but those are your food. Please let them part of your journey. Practice makes perfect. Enjoy them, let your friends also enjoy as you share. They will get meat of different ages, they will be happy and your family too. Slowly you become so perfect than you can even rape the Bharatmata, as her pay-off to put her in top position in the world.

Sare jahan se achcha hindusthan hamara.